For Vendors

After the membership, the user gains complete access to all the features of the website along with 24*7 Support.

You have complete access to decide what information you wish to make visible and the mode of contact you wish people to contact you through.

When you sign up on Choose your architect, as an introductory offer, we are providing an annual membership subscription for FREE for the first year. That means you will get the benefits of a premium account for NO COST.

Yes, absolutely! Please know that we do not share your information with any third parties for any reason.

No, apart from the charges of the annual membership, we do not charge you in terms of commission or otherwise for any number of projects you get through our platform.

Only in cases of false information, misuse of customer information, or harassment of customers, do we delete the user profile

For Customer

The services that the architects offer as well as their prices are listed by them only. We do not change or modify them. If there is any change in the reflecting prices, it simply means that the architects themselves have updated the charges of their services.

We have built a portfolio section for the architects to list their past work so users can get an idea of their standard and quality of work. We also provide a rating system, where if the project is obtained via Search Architect, users can rate & leave a review of the service provider. This not only gives the architect the necessary feedback about their service but also is very useful for other customers as well.

During registration, architects acknowledge that the provided work, is done by them or they have been a part of it in some capacity. Any discrepancy in the provided details from them would result in an immediate ban & deletion of the profile.

We provide the architects to mention if they are open to work on special projects so you can filter the list of architects based on the same.

Yes, we make sure to verify each member via KYC during registration. This prevents any identity theft, fake profiles, etc.

Please check our more latest Design @ Codepen

Please check our more latest Design @Codepen

Please check our more latest Design @ Codepen